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Galeria Marília Razuk
1 april - 17 may

Marília Razuk Gallery receives, from April 1st, Transit, exhibition by artist Gustavo Rezende. His third individual in space brings together about 10 works, the result of his most recent production. They are sculptures and watercolors, animations and engraving.


It is from the double that feeds the work of the artist. If in earlier works it formally materialized, the double now does not necessarily present itself as a duplicity of forms. The issue here is the dual relationship in existing, of being individual and being in the world, in the complexity of being different and unique, and at the same time being the same as others. To relate to the dramas, fables and icons of a personal universe, and to have to face the everyday banal surrounding us.


In this sense, the show marks the notion of transit, of being between two places, neither leaving nor arriving. These are provisional situations that mark passages, rests, actions and small events, such as the series of watercolors depicting ceramic pile.


The tradition present in Art History has always been a reflection subject in the production of the artist Gustavo Rezende. Conceptually, the artist's work deals with art history, bows to it, while deconstructing it. In The Most Beautiful Print in the World, the artist reproduces Mont Sainte-Victoire from Paul Cézanne's studio. However, its digital version has a silkscreen appearance, full of contamination of the everyday universe, such as passersby and signposts.

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